Ayurvedic foot massage

Using a vegetable ghee (butterfat), the feet, calves and knees are rubbed and gently massaged, stretched and refreshed with gentle movements.
Our feet contain a large number of special vital points and reflex zones. Consequently, an
Ayurvedic foot massage is not only beneficial for the feet and calves but also for the whole body and organism, with back pain, headaches and colds all able to be effectively pre-empted."

Ayurvedic foot massage
35 min
32,00 €

Our service team will be happy to inform you which massages can be administered simultaneously to you and your partner in the same room.

Individual treatments lasting 20 minutes or more will be credited to your Emser Therme time-account for your visit. Please note that wellness treatments can only be booked for persons aged 16 years and over.

All wellness services can also be booked by calling 0049 2603 9790-31.

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